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SOLID instead of LIQUID

We specialize in creating solid, sustainable products. The development and rediscovery of solid products usually goes with a self-preserving recipe. This allows us to work without preservatives. For example, by replacing water in our products with ingredients such as natural cocoa butter that remain firm at room temperature, we permanently prevent bacterial formation.

Bye bye forever to your bottles...

Away with the plastic bottles! In 2018, we were able to save about 3,000,000 shampoo bottles only with our shampoo bars. But not only that, when transporting the solid shampoos, a lot of CO2 is saved and the traffic is spared: because a truck of solid shampoos is enough for as many hair washes as 15 trucks full of liquid shampoo bottles.


Also your hair can enjoy our products without bottle. Our highly concentrated, self-preserving solid shampoos are full of natural ingredients and oils. The water simply adds to it yourself when you foam it between your hands or directly on your head. A single solid shampoo is as productive as about three bottles of liquid shampoo of 250ml. As mentioned above, they save a lot of plastic waste and protect the environment. They are also smaller and lighter than liquid shampoo, making them the ideal travel companion – even in hand luggage on the plane – or in the sports bag without leakage.

So the environment stays clean, and you will be too!

Julia B.

I just used up my first piece after 10 months. At first I washed every two days, today only all seven. I have very long blond hair, which tends to be quite dry.
I am 100% convinced

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Nicole G.

The shampoo is great! My hair is squeaky clean and doesn't grease so quickly.

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Lena Z.

I love your solid shampoos 😍 they last so long, are mega cheap, eco-friendly and my hair fattens only much later after

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