let yourself be seduced

As the Velvety manufacture, it is our aim to create fresh, creative and handmade products on the highest level possible. With love to the detail, we produce our products in Austria for people all over the world.

Our basic recipe are freshness, hand craft and the highest quality of our products. We only process high quality body oils in our handmade bath additives, combined with selected aromatic oils, fine cocoa butter and nourishing shea butter.

To protect the environment and the biodiversity,
we create our preciuos products without
any palm oil and are happy about that.

Let yourself be suprised by our creative treasures,
which we produced without any animal experiments used.

Handmade products, made to fall in love with for you & me!

Prepare your skin for an unforgettable body treatment–
transform your bathroom into a luxury spa!

By the heat of the bath water, our bath additives dissolve softly. Because of that, the fragrant oils can develope the best way possible.
For a fresh and silky skin with suprising sensory experiences - Velvety!

Through perfectionated handwork we give our products an individual „Twist“, who opens up to creativity of all kind.

Packed up just for your individual needs, we are looking forward to a common path.

Yours, Velvety Manufaktur

solid bath additives
solid shampoobars
solid conditioner
solid showerbars
solid bodybutter
solid handsoaps
solid facesoaps
solid showersoaps


raw material

For velvety, quality begins with the selection of the best raw material suppliers.


On the right in the picture you can see Mrs. Michaela Schatzer on the day of the lavender harvest.

The quality of the raw materials is decisive for the quality of the end products. Carefully selected flowers and exquisite raw materials from all over the world are the heart of the velvety product range. Our rigorous selection and evaluation process ensures that we cooperate with top suppliers, with whom we usually have a long-term partnership. As far as possible, we rely on regional providers and sustainability. On a regular basis, we also carry out audits on site and visit the cultivation areas.


The quality of our raw materials is thus consistently maintained at the highest level. The more careful the choice and the preservation, the higher the quality of the raw materials supplied.


We pay attention to a particularly gentle processing in order to preserve the aroma in the best possible way. Finally, when the raw materials are delivered to velvety, they are subject to stringent quality controls.


"we have a lot of raw materials from all over the world, it is important to have transparency about the origin, even if that is not always easy, trust is good-control is better," says Patrick Schatzer, managing director of velvety. "We want only the best raw materials to be able to create the best products from it", adds Michaela Schatzer, product manager and director of production.


We at velvety see it as a personal order to supply our customers with excellent products. All our efforts are rewarded by satisfied customers and an incomparable bathing pleasure.

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